First Blog post

My first blog post. This blog i hope to keep updated fairly regularly with some new developments or insights into my process.


The summer is in full swing in Pine Beach, NJ. This season will be the first year that i feel like my studio is complete. Over the last year I’ve been working on building out my ceramic studio in a detached 2 car garage. Starting with getting electrical work done for the preparation of the Kiln installation.

Most of the winter and spring months was spent on glaze testing and re-testing and testing again. I’m sure my neighbors in the beginning thought i had a meth lab going. Most of them have seen me making pottery on the wheel. Its a great location with a lot of people stopping in to say hello. ¬†One i was able to identify about 4-5 glazes i wanted to continue with i made larger batches to use during the summer month. I’ve also started to add underglaze to my work which has been very enjoyable to work with so far.