Studio Blog



Thought i would try to add blog posts on the topic of what i accomplished while in the studio. I’m going to try and to keep to this commitment as much as i can. I think it will help me keep track and provide notes  & observations and also allow the reader of my blog an insight into what i’m currently working on.





The above picture is only a small sample of my mugs currently in progress. I’m loving this simple flower/leaf texture stamp i got from MKM. I finished a few tests in the last glaze klin and really loved how they looked, so i’m making a whole series of these mugs. Most of them are using a black underglaze to show off the texture the stamp leaves on the clay allowing it to fully dry before carefully wiping away to reveal the pattern. I decided to experiment a little and within the flower petals  I’ve started to add different color underglaze.

Pictured below is a hand-built flower pot I’ve started making today.  The flower texture pattern is something new i’m trying out, so far so good. This still needs a plate for it to sit on top. I’ll make that tomorrow. Going to put drainage holes on the bottom and then attach a some small feet to raise it up a little before attaching that to the plate, so the water can drain onto the plate


Once i was finished with the bowl i  switched over to making some clay slabs for some trays.  The first picture is the slab cutout to the shape of the tray and texture added. The slabs are alittle to wet in the beginning to bring up the sides, so i allow these to sit abit and stiffen up before pushing the sides up






As you can see below i’m using some sponges and plastic rolled up into balls to prop the clay while it continues to dry over the next few days.




While making slabs for the trays, I made some additional slabs for the cylindrical vases pictured below. These are similar to the taller vases that are pictured in my gallery and shop, but these are a bit shorter in size. I’m playing around with different templates at the moment to see which size and shape i want to go with. These were allowed to stiffen up abit before added the texture and then put together into the cylindrical shape you see in the picture.



Finally one of the last things i did today was putting in some test tiles into my smaller test kiln. I recently bought some oxide washes that i wanted to try. I’m testing 5 different oxides tonight. I have 2 titles per oxide, one of which is slightly rubbed/washed off to expose the raw clay and to dilute the  wash. This should provide me with examples of what the wash will look like once fired and roughly how much i want/need for the look i’m trying to get.  We’ll see what happens when i unload the test kiln tomorrow.