Artist Statement

Michael Giannella – Ceramic Artist

My ceramic work is defined directly by my love of taking a lump of clay and transforming it into something better, something more. History is something that has always been an interest to me. In our crazy 24/7 world that is consistently changing and adapting to new technologies and fads, I find ceramics almost as a meditation. Handmade is no longer a mainstream concept, whereas in the past it was. Something got lost here and handmade artists like myself are continuing the passion and tradition one pot at a time. Pottery is one of the oldest utilitarian arts still alive today. Historical records show that pottery has been around for 3000 years.

The act of making functional pottery is an honored tradition among many cultures. I personally love making pots that are used for a purpose that have a personal touch of the maker’s handiwork and the intimacy gained through its daily use.

I work with commercially manufactured stoneware and porcelain clay, changing clay specifically in response to the intended glaze finish for each piece. All works are bisque fired to cone 04 (1922°F) in an electric kiln and glaze fired to Δ5 (2205°F) in an electric kiln. I also work with reduction when I have an opportunity.

Art has always been part of my life. The earliest memories are about doing art and enjoying the creative process weather is was with pottery or painting.