Gallery – Woodfire


Wood-firing is a traditional process that was first introduced to Japan from Korea in the fifth century. Since the time that humans first began to understand how fire hardened clay, we have been making ceramics in pits and wood kilns. In present day, we have many methods and fuels to use for achieving enough heat to create ceramics from clay. Wood-fired pottery is more of a choice than a necessity. While wood firing isn’t easy and is very time consuming (sometimes days), the results are incomparable. The work in a wood kiln shows the story of the firing itself, which pieces showing ash buildup and the path or direct the flame took inside the kiln. Wood ash as it burns up flies into the kiln where the pottery is stacked and tends to stick to the pottery during the firing. The ash melts and becomes part of the pot. Michael thoroughly enjoys the aesthetics of the final results of wood-fired work.  Feel free to look at Michael’s wood-fired work and contact him if you have any questions regarding the work.